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  • Home Cleaning Gadgets & Products

    Hstdeals.com get the wide range of cleaning gadgets to keep your home spring cleaning

    There's no doubt about it. The faster you can zip through your household cleaning chores the better. And, if you can save some money along the way even better!  The best cleaning gadgets help us save time, money and energy.


    Home Cleaning Gadgets & Products
    Expandable Hose

    Total Sold: 992


    H20 X5 - 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner

    Total Sold: 100
    Get the multipurpose steam mop perfecting its aim...


    AIR O Dryer Portable Clothes Dryer

    Total Sold: 48
    Dry your clothes with guarantee of no wearing off...


    Swivel Sweeper

    Total Sold: 27
    Easily and quickly sweep and clean hard to reach...


    H20 X5 - 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner accessories

    Total Sold: 18


    Go Duster

    Total Sold: 14
           Go Duster    ...


    Ultra Absorbent Neat Step Doormats

    Total Sold: 10
    Keep dirt out of your home with the ultra absorbent...


    Automatic Stainless Sensor Dustbin

    Total Sold: 7
    Maintain hygiene and keep hands clean! Get rid of...


    360° Spin Mop

    Total Sold: 6
        Clean from ceiling height to floor...


    Jet Water Cannon

    Total Sold: 6
    Ez Jet Water Cannon     The hose is...


    Sink AId

    Total Sold: 2


    Flexi Mop

    Total Sold: 1


    Fold Away Bucket

    Total Sold: 1


    Magic Cleaning Cloth

    Total Sold: 0
    Get the new worldwide bestseller cleaning cloth...


    Giant Doughnut Maker

    Total Sold: 0
    Giant Doughnut Maker ...


    Wash Ball

    Total Sold: 0
    Wash Ball     Say Good Bye To...


    Sticky Buddy

    Total Sold: 0
    Sticky Buddy     Now Cleaning Made...


    Melon Slicer Knife

    Total Sold: 0
    Melon Slicer Knife Cutting and preparing melon has...