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  • Cosmetic Mirror with LED Lights


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    Get ready for your close-up with this hands-free, high-definition mirror. Two-sided mirror offers distortion-free viewing. One side of the jumbo, 7” dia. mirror offers 10X magnification, the other an actual view. Adjusts to the perfect angle whether you’re sitting or standing. Attractive brushed nickel finish.

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    Retouch your makeup with ease! Get a Cosmetic Mirror with LED Lights

     Click for Larger Image of 15X Vanity Mirror

    In A Nutshell

    • Double-sided mirror with magnification
    • Rotatory switch
    • Normal and 10x  magnification.
    • High quality chrome finish.
    • Straight cable in 160cm with Europlug
    • CE and Rohs certificates


    Celebrities sit in front of brightly-lit mirrors to aid in putting on makeup down to the tiniest detail, as well as to keep their eyes adjusted to the constant glare of stage lights and camera flashes. Feel like a star. Get a mirror that is brightened up with LED lights.

    Image 1

    Get a really good look. Our large, high-quality round mirror gives you a fantastic, distortion-free view of all facial areas. The bright, even fluorescent light gives you a glare-free, shadow-free image and allows you to see every detail. The features to help you look your best. Standing almost 15" high, it's the perfect height for all your grooming needs. The 360 ° swivel lets you easily switch from 1X magnification, which is perfect for normal viewing, to 10X magnification, which is perfect for applying makeup, tweezing and shaving. Cool bright light. The long-lasting 15 watt fluorescent bulb is as bright as 60 watts of incandescent light, but more energy efficient and stays cool to the touch. The power switch is located on the mirror base for easy access.


    Image 3

    Keep makeup retouched even on the blackest night with a vanity mirror that lights up. The mirror is equipped with LED lights that can illuminate a face, a dark alleyway, or even the infinite depths of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag.

    The bright, even light of our Fluorescent Light lets you see every detail. Our mirror's fluorescent light is perfect for makeup applications. The fluorescent bulb emits a bright, white light for exceptional clarity and when you combine that with the optical quality mirrors with 10X/1X magnification you'll see that it's perfect for all your grooming needs 

    Image 4

    The Specifics

    • Dimension : W27cm x H38cm
    • Base: Diameter 15 cm; Round head: diameter 8.5"
    • Metal Material : brass+ stainless steel
    • Weight approximately 3Kg

    Image 5

    Fantastical glass rhetoricians conduct drab monologues on a swivelling mirror amidst a sea of twinkling LED lights which illuminates unreadable expressions and hidden wrinkles. Five times magnification ensures flawless makeup application while amplifying beauty spots for optimal personal gratification. A sparkly vampire finish of chrome ensures that mirrors are angularly abundant and allows viewers to perform double takes to a raucous one man audience.