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  • Doorway Chinning Bar


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    Exercise Chinning Bar Doorway Chin Up Bars Body Fitness





    Turn any door frame into a workout station. Great for working the upper body and abs. 

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    In A Nutshell

    • Heavy-duty chrome plated steel bar with foam hand grips
    • Adjustable length fits most doorways
    • Turn any doorway to an exercise station
    • Use your body's weight as resistance to maximize upper body strength
    • Work biceps, tripeps, abs, pecs, obliques and more with just one bar
    • Multiple exercises and grip positions available
    • Slides easily on and off door frame with trim for easy storage and travel
    • Fits most doorways up to 32"


    The saying "too much of a good thing is bad" surely doesn't apply to happines, kindness and ice cream. Make up for unshakeable vices. Get a doorway chinning bar

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    Build and strengthen muscles with this unassuming exercise machine that allows you to exercise in the comfort of home. Carefully designed to fit most doorframes, the chinning bar can be installed easily and within minutes. The uniquely constructed contoured foam grip aids users to have a better hold on the handles and prevents slipping. Convert any doorway to an exercise station.


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    The Specifics

    • Item weight: 1.2KG
    • Weigt of bearing: about 140KG
    • Diameter: 3CM
    • Length: adjustable from 65CM-10.50 CM
    • Types of materials used: Metal & Rubber
    • Turn any door frame into a workout station

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    Fitness Chinning Bar - Turn any door frame into a workout station with this easy to fit and easily adjustable chinning bar. Robust, hard wearing.


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