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  • Kitchen Smart Handy Gadgets

    Kitchen Appliances: Discover at Hstdeals.com Kitchen Appliance|Table ware Dubai, UAE

    Discover the New Convenience with our wide range of Kitchen Smart Handy Gadgets, supporting the evolving lifestyles. When it comes to cooking, having the newest and highest quality made appliances can make all the difference between preparing a good meal, and serving a fantastic tasting meal. It's for her who loves making things special. Our Appliances are of environmentally-friendly products. Splendid styling and intuitive features are the hallmark of our products. Let your kitchen be transformed with a suit of coordinated appliances, so that cooking is no more a hassle and she loves every bit of it.

    Kitchen Smart Handy Gadgets
    Macaron Baking Kit

    Total Sold: 319


    Nicer Dicer Plus

    Total Sold: 285
    Make Cooking a Breeze - for a Multi-Purpose Slicer...


    Veggie Twister

    Total Sold: 211
    Veggie Twister Fruits & Vege Processing Device ...


    Nespresso Compatible Pods 10x

    Total Sold: 173


    Lemon Spray Juicer

    Total Sold: 116


    Tatter Mits

    Total Sold: 101
    Tatter Mits     8 Seconds is all you...



    Total Sold: 70
    BBQ GRILL MAT   Make Grilling Easy!...


    Bake and Shape

    Total Sold: 43
    Bake And Shape   MAKES OVER 50 SHAPES,...



    Total Sold: 41
    Get Perfectly Cooked Eggs at the Touch of a...


    Chocolate Fountain Big/Small

    Total Sold: 41


    12-in-1 Chef Basket

    Total Sold: 36
      T he Chef Basket™ is the new way to...


    2 in 1 Clever cutter

    Total Sold: 35
    Highlights ...


    Cookie Decor Set & Cheese Cake Pan

    Total Sold: 29


    Triple Paper Dispenser

    Total Sold: 22
    Triple Paper Dispenser Organize your kitchen to...


    Bin 8 Kitchen Tool

    Total Sold: 21


    Spin 'N' Store 49 Piece Food Storage Set

    Total Sold: 19
    49 piece food storage system with handy rotating...


    Pop Up Spice Rack

    Total Sold: 13
    Pop Up Spice Rack     A stylish rack...


    Turbo Halogen Oven

    Total Sold: 12