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    How do I sign up for the hstdeals.com VIP Loyalty program?

    You can sign up on our website when you create an account or if you have an account you can then go in and sign up for a loyalty account number. To sign up now click here

    hstdeals.com VIP Loyalty Membership

    Be a VIP Loyalty member and get access to exclusive loyalty-only email offers and insider information about upcoming sales, trends and new designer arrivals.

    Plus, you will enjoy:

    • 100 Bonus Sign-up Points
    • 2% back in Loyalty bingo Dollars
    • Double-Points Events
    • Dedicated Loyalty Hotline and Emails

    Don't have a Loyalty bingo Number?

    Sign Me Up for VIP Loyalty!

    • Create an Account

    You can also sign up on our kiosks located in famous carnivals / selective exhibition in UAE . Take a couple of moments to sign up and begin earning rewards immediately.

    What is the cost to join the Hstdeals.comVIP Loyalty program? 

    None, membership is Free!         

    Can I sign up online?

    Yes, you can sign up when you create an online account with us or if you already have an account you can sign up to become a loyalty member. To sign up now click here

    If it is not convenient for you to sign up  ourwebsite, you may call us weekdays between 10 am – 5pm DST and we can enroll you in the Hstdeals.com Loyalty program. 050-9383829. we will take your details, assign you a Loyalty bingo Number and mail your card to you.

    How does your Loyalty Program work?

    Earn 1 bingo point for every AED 1 spent. For every 1,000 points earned, you will earn 1% back in Loyalty bingo Dirhams.

    What are the benefits of joining the Hstdeals.comVIP Loyalty program?

    When you join you will automatically receive 100 bonus points and become a Silver Member. Earn 1% back in Loyalty bingo Dirhams. Hit 1,000 points and you are a Gold Member, and you are now eligible for the VIP Checkout Line. Hit 5,000 points and you are a Platinum Member, and now eligible to earn 2% back on Loyalty bingo Dirhams.

    Do I get credit for online purchases?

    Yes your online purchases are eligible for Loyalty Bingo points. Please make sure you enter the same email address and zip code from your Loyalty bingo Number during the online Account Registration Process and your Loyalty Bingo points will automatically be included in your online account.

    Can I redeem my Loyalty Bingo Rewards online?

    Yes you can redeem Loyalty Bingo Rewards online. You can keep track of your Loyalty Bingo points and rewards in your online account and can use your rewards points to pay for your online purchases.

    How do I check my Loyalty Bingo points?

    You can check your Loyalty Bingo points online by logging into your account or you can email us at help@hstdeals.com or call us weekdays between 10am – 5pm DST at 050-9383829. If you email us please make sure you include your VIP Loyalty bingo Number.

    How can I get credit for purchases where I did not have / forgot to present / or the helpdesk forgot to request my card?

    If you need us to apply points towards your VIP Loyalty account please email us at Help@hstdeals.comor call us weekdays between 10am &5pm DST at 050-9383829. Please make sure you email us your Loyalty Bingo Account number, the transaction number, register number, date of purchase, and the amount as we need to first verify the transaction and we are then able to apply the points earned as long as the transaction is from a receipt purchase after you signed up for our VIP loyalty program or as a guest accommodations no older than 24 hours prior to our original sign up date.

    What are the Terms and Conditions for the VIP Loyalty Program?

    The VIP Loyalty Bingo Program is designed to reward frequent guests of Hstdeals.comwith VIP Loyalty Bingo points that can be used toward future purchases. VIP Loyalty Bingo points are based on guest purchase activity. Enrollments are initially designated as SILVER status. Members attain GOLD status upon reaching 1,000 points. Members attain PLATINUM status upon reaching 5,000 points. For every 1,000 points accumulated, guests will earn AED 20 in VIP Loyalty bingo Dirhams. Platinum members will begin earning AED30 in VIP Loyalty bingo Dirhams in the next reward cycle after reaching the platinum level. Purchases of Hstdeals.com Gift Cards, shipping, handling, and if any taxes do not earn VIP Loyalty Bingo points.VIPLoyalty Bingo points will not be accumulated if you use a merchandise credit to complete a purchase or on the portion of a purchase made with VIP Loyalty bingo Dirhams. Returns on purchases will be decremented against accumulated VIP Loyalty bingo Dirhams. Open to UAE residents only.

    On each purchase done on our website Insert VIP Loyalty Bingoregistered number under your nameto  receive VIP LOYALTY BINGO POINTS. VIP LOYALTY BINGO POINTS become available 30 days after the purchase date. If you have not made a purchase at Hstdeals.comwith your  VIP LOYALTY BINGO in 18 months you will lose your VIP LOYALTY BINGO privileges. VIP LOYALTY BINGO DIRHAMS expire 60 days after the date granted. VIP LOYALTY BINGO DIRHAMS may not be applied towards prior purchases. VIP LOYALTY BINGO DIRHAMS are not redeemable for cash and no change will be given. VIP LOYALTY BINGO POINTS and VIP LOYALTY BINGO DIRHAMS are non-transferable and do not have any cash value.

    VIP LOYALTY BINGO DIRHAMS can only be redeemed by the registered guest for the VIP Loyalty Bingo program. An email will be sent to the guest informing them that they have LOYALTY BINGO DIRHAMS to redeem online. The rewards will be valid for 60 days.

    The Terms and Conditions of the VIP Loyalty Bingo program are subject to change at Hstdeals.comsole discretion at any time and without notice. To view our complete privacy policy click here. VIP Loyalty Bingo program may be terminated at any time without notice. Upon termination, all VIP LOYALTY BINGO DIRHAMS will immediately expire. Team members of Hstdeals.com are not eligible to participate in the VIP Loyalty Bingo program. The VIP LOYALTY BINGOmust be registered online or at the help desk to qualify for benefits, Hstdeals.com will make reasonable efforts to count all qualifying purchases toward the program, but we are not responsible for any technical errors that may occur.