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  • Magic bullet


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    Use a coffee grinder, food processor, blender and electric juicer all at the same time easily and quickly with the Magic Bullet Set 





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    Chop, Grate and Juice: 21-Piece Magic Bullet Multi-Purpose Blender

     Image 1

    As Seen on TV Magic Bullet is a must-have appliance for every kitchen

    Image 1

    Easily prepare and cook complete meals!

    • It is well-equipped to take care of all your mixing jobs
    • It can do virtually any job in the kitchen in mere seconds
    • This handy countertop appliance can chop, mix, blend, whip, grind, mince, dice, and more
    • It can help you easily prepare everything from smoothies to elaborate meals with multiple ingredients
    • You can mix everything with this high speed blender, from silky cake batter to the toughest dough
    • Add your favorite fruits to the short or tall cup and enjoy refreshing smoothies and shakes
    • You can drink from the same container you blend in, as the blending jar doubles as a travel cup
    • The see-through jars are convenient and can be used for storage
    • Stylish and compact, the Magic Bullet blender requires counter space equivalent to the size of a large coffee mug
    • The set also includes the 100 page "10-Second Recipe" book to assist you
    • High-torque power base
    • Stainless steel blades
    • Tall cup Short cup
    • Shaker / steamer tops
    • Stay-fresh resealable lids
    • 22 oz oversized mugs
    • Colored lip rings for mugs
    • Multi-purpose blender pulses, taps and shakes food into chunks or puree
    • Set includes 21 pieces of accessories with various functions
    • Microwave and freezer-safe cups and mugs and dishwasher-safe parts
    • Blade: Stainless steel
    • High-speed blender
    • Pulse function for coarse chopping
    • Tap function for sticky foods
    • Shake function for thicker and denser food
    • Includes microwave-safe and freezer-safe cups and mugs, plus dishwasher-safe parts
    • Replaces food processor, blender, coffee grinder, and more
    • Dimension: 26cm (H) x 34cm (L) x 27cm (W)
    • Weight: 3kg


    Multi-purpose blender| pulses, taps & shakes food

    Image 5


    Magicians are the most adept at making things change form and disappear quickly. Transform food from whole to chunks, purees or liquids with The Magic Bullet, all while making it easy to have messes vanish in a jiffy afterwards. The multi-purpose blender performs fascinating pulses, taps and shakes with its 21 pieces of props, churning out omelette mixtures, smoothies, ground coffee and more. Its multitude of functions allows it to replace other bulky kitchen devices like food processors, blenders and coffee grinders. With a sharp stainless steel blade, the high speed Magic Bullet does its job in 10 seconds flat. With microwave-safe and freezer-safe cups and mugs, plus dishwasher-safe parts, heating, storing and cleaning is a breeze.

    Image 2

    Replaces food processor, blender, coffee grinder & more

    Image 3


    The Secret

    The secret to the Magic Bullet's time-saving efficiency is the specially designed blade and unique bullet-shaped design that automatically circulates food back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone region with so much force and speed that it can do virtually any job in 10 seconds or less!

    Image 1

    Easy to Use

    You don't need to read an instruction manual to be able to use the Magic Bullet. This amazing device has been designed to ensure that you never spend time doing anything other than blending the things you need to make your delicious dishes. So, using the Magic Bullet is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

    • Load the ingredients into the Short Cup, Tall Cup, or Party Mug.
    • Twist on the Cross, or Flat Blade until the blade and cup have a tight seal.
    • Line up the tabs, place the Magic Bullet on the Power Base and press down on the cup to turn it on.

    Click the Product Specs link above to find out exactly what you get with this 21 Piece Magic Bullet set. Rest assured, you will get eveything you need to make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier



    • Multi-purpose blender pulses, taps and shakes food into chunks or puree

    • Set includes 21 pieces of accessories with various functions

    • 1x juicer (includes plunger & extractor)

    • 1x blender

    • 1x high-torque power base

    • 2x cross & flat stainless steel blades

    • 1x tall cup

    • 1x short cup

    • 2x re-sealable lids

    • 4x colour-coded mugs

    • 4x blender & juicer

    • 1x recipe book

    • 1x shaker

    • 1x steamer

    • 1x user manual

    Experiment with new recipes and have a blast with a blend of companies – family, friends or the one – with this simple to use nifty kitchen helper.


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