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  • Mighty bite fishing lures


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    Mighty Bite Fishing Lures. Catch success! Kit creates a powerful scent trail that gets fish to strike.

    With a 3-D hologram design, Mighty Bite appeals to all 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, feel and taste.

    Unique "spasmic" action ad?ds the finishing touch.

    Includes 10 lures, 8 adjustable fins, 4 assorted size rattles, 11 scent sticks, 2 "red" screw-in nose hooks and 2 extra wide gap, plus weed guards, tail weights and locking pin.

    With Mighty Bite you get a multipurpose lure that looks, smells, sounds, feels, tastes and even swims like a wounded baitfish.

    Mighty Bite is engineered to ignite a fish's DNA triggered response, causing it to strike, bite hard and get hooked.

    Order yours today! Mighty Bite Fishing Lures