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  • Nicer Dicer Plus


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    Make Cooking a Breeze - for a Multi-Purpose Slicer Dicer Plus to Chop Fruits, Veggies, Cheese


    Conveniently cut veggies, fruits & more into cubes, sticks & wedges with a Precision Chopper with Interchangeable Blades


    In A Nutshell

    • With various blade types for up to 11 different ways of cutting, including cubes, wedges, julienne and grated pieces
    • Suitable for cutting fruits, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, sausages, cheese and more
    • Container avoids spills and mess for easy after-cooking clean-up
    • Blade base transfers pieces straight into container for storage or meals on-the-go
    • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe


    The Nicer Dicer is designed with precision German engineering and built with high-impact moulded plastic, polycarbonate, stainless steel cutting blades and is dishwasher safe.Without kitchen slicers, efficient slicing and dicing could only be done by mastering moves with a samurai sword.


    A convenient multi-purpose tool that slices and dices with no hassle and no mess, the Slicer Dicer Plus from BDirect is a must-have addition to any kitchen.  slicers, which are great for vegetables, fruits, cheese, hard boiled eggs and more. With razor sharp blades, chopping and cutting is a breeze, and food is transferred straight from the unit to the bowl or cooking appliance, meaning no mess and no fuss. For additional convenience, the slicer is completely dishwasher safe. Nationwide delivery is also included with this deal.


    One plug-in cutting stamp for wedge blades
    One cutting base with removable top lid
    One six-cup container with lid
    One grater with protective cover
    Two dual blades for cutting cubes: 1/4" or 1/2" square blade; 3/4" or 1-1/2" x 1/4" square blade
    One wedge blade One slicer with blade protector
    One food holder for slicer
    One partial blade cover
    One Perfect Peeler
    Measures 11"W x 5"H x 4-1/2"L

    Package weight approximately 1Kg



    Preparing a quick meal requires superior skills, tiptop tools, and a very hungry family who is getting more and more vocale about their hunger. flashes food preparation skills with lightning speed: get a precision food chopped with interchangeable blades


    Package Contents:

    15 Piece Set Includes:

    1. Removable top part with self cleaning function

    2. Cutting base

    3. 1,500 ml container with measurements 
    4. Dual blade for small cubes
    5. Dual blade for fries cutting
    6. Dual wedging blade (4 pieces or 8 pieces) 
    7. Cutting stamp for top part
    8. Partial blade cover 
    9. Slicer 
    10.Food holder for slicer 
    12.Vaccum lock lid
    13.Slicer blade protector
    14.Grater protective cover
    15.Quick Guide



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