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    Hstdeal.com Nationwide Shipping Policy

    We assure you that all due precautions are taken so that your package reaches you intact. We take pride in delivering on time, every time!! If you have shopped with us earlier, we are of course confident that you already vouch for us!

    Delivery in 2-5 business days

    An estimated delivery time* is displayed on the product page and also on the Order Summary page of your order.

    *These delivery times may change subject to unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamities, strikes, weather conditions, etc.

    Shipping from partner locations

    To provide you with a plethora of shopping options, we have partnered with several brands. Some products in our catalogue are directly shipped from these partner locations. These are marked as “Sold by Partner” and usually take 5-8 business days to reach your doorstep.

    Heavy or bulky items

    Some products in our catalogue are heavy or bulky and shipped through our surface logistics partner. These orders may usually take 8-10 business days longer than usual and their delivery may not be possible at a few select locations. Also some ‘Furniture' Category items in our catalog are shipped directly from our partner locations. Some of these items are made especially on your request and delivery would take longer than usual. Also, delivery may not be possible at a few select locations.

    An estimated delivery time is displayed on the product page and also on the Order Summary page of your order.

    Product Delivery Restrictions

    Undeliverable Items:

    The courier company will attempt to contact and deliver a product to the customer for a period of 7 days. In addition, Home Shopping Trends will also try to contact the customer for an additional 7 days to inform them of the delivery. A product is deemed “Undeliverable” if neither the courier company nor Home Shopping Trends are able to reach the customer during that period.
    This may be due to unanswered phone call attempts or wrong contact and delivery information.
    Home Shopping Trends cannot guarantee the availability of the product beyond this time. If the product is no longer being held, and upon the customer's request, a refund can be processed to Home Shopping Trends Credit less the delivery charges payable to the courier company, EVEN IF THE DELIVERY IS NOT COMPLETED.

    *The Courier Company offers delivery service within Major City limits. Any territory beyond the city limits will fall outside the delivery parameter

    Out of Delivery areas

    The following list details locations within the UAE that are classified as “out of delivery” areas wherein a hand delivery cannot be effected.

    Non Delivery Areas in Abu Dhabi vincinity

    Mussafah, GAMCO (Gulf Aircraft maintenance co), Airport terminal 1, After airport site office, Al Bahia, Al Khatam, Al Khanza, Al Raha, Al Rahba, Al Saad, Al Samha, Al Sila, Al Watba, Areas starting with telephone number 51*******, Bainoona, Baniyas, Beda Zayed, Buhasa, Ghayati, Habshan, JabelDhana, Journya Four, Liwa, Madinat Zayed City, Mafraq, Mirfa, Mohd Bin Zayed City, Ruwais, Sahamah, Sila, Suwehan, Tarif, Taweelah, Yahar, Asab, Yas Island, Gandoot, Sir Baniyas, Guwaifath, Das Island, Musaffah-ICAD City 2, Al Wagan, Al Remah, Shuhaib, Al Oha, Zakher, Maqam, Hill, Meyzad (after camp).

    Deliveries cannot be made to islands that come under Abu Dhabi jurisdiction, all security controlled zones and defense areas.

    As an alternative arrangement, these shipments can be held at a location in Abu Dhabi for the consignee's collection.

    Non delivery areas in Al Ain/Ajman/Umma Al Quwain/Fujairah/Ras Al Khaimahvincinity:

    Al Wagan, Al Hayer, Al Remah, Shuhaib, Al Oha, Zakher, Maqam, Hill, Meyzad(after camp), Adan, Al Jeer, Shamm, Khath, Burairath, Siji Al Hail (Crushers/dusan site), Shahma residential area (Dhaid)