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  • Spin Spa


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    Turn your Shower into an Amazing Spa-like Experience with The Spinning Spa.  Massage your body with the innovative Spin Spa promoting better health for skin, blood circulation and cleanliness – Rejuvenating your skin and body in every shower!


    •Comes with mesh bag to store attachments

    •Microdermabrasion head to fill with your favorite body wash

    •Mesh Sponge Head for gentle exfoliation

    •Massage Head, great for curing sole muscles and promote blood circulation

    •Pumice stone for calluses and rough skin •Cleansing head having soft bristles for every cleaning

    •Package content: listen up base unit, earphones and AAA Battery included

    • Dimensions: 45.1*10.7*8.5cm
    • Weight: 255g


    Nothing to install.  Pamper your body with this deluxe spinning bath/spa brush that will make you feel like you checked into a spa! The micro-dermabrasion head can be filled with body wash and removes dead skin cells to reveal younger skin.  The mesh head gently exfoliates, the massage head soothes sore, tired muscles and the pumice stone removes calluses.  Add your favorite soap/body wash and attach the soft bristled head for gentle cleansing.  You could go to a luxurious spa to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin and pamper your body,  or you could bring the decadence of those spa rituals into the privacy of your own home   with the Spinning Spa Shower Brush that transforms your regular shower into a luxurious spa-like experience for your skin!   Fill the microdermabrasion head with your favourite body wash to wash away old cells and revitalise your skin,  or the soothing mesh head to softly exfoliate your skin from head to toe.  You've also got a massage attachment to gently knead sore muscles and soothe your body after a long day at work,  or the pumice head to remove stubborn worn skin and reveal healthy new skin beneath,  or the Cleansing head featuring soft bristles for everyday cleaning.  The 9" handle makes it easy to reach every inch of your body with ease!  Rejuvenate your skin during a warm bath and step out feeling fresh and relaxed. Features:  + 2-speeds Hi/Low + 5 spa attachments: cleansing,  gentle exfoliation,  massage,  micro-dermabrasion,  and pedicure + Cleansing head – soft bristled head for gentle cleansing + Massage head –  built-in rubber massagers intertwined in soft bristles o Pumice stone head –  helps make rough skin smooth and removes calluses + Microdermabrasion head –  Use to exfoliate skin o Mesh sponge head – gentle exfoliation o Water-resistant,  long-reaching 9" handle with a non-slip grip + Works great with soap or body wash and Great for hard-to-reach spots.   Mesh bag provided for storage + Shower hook and bag + Requires 3 AA batteries  (not included)  The Spa brush does not need any installation,  just fill with your favourite soap or body wash and turn it on!  The device is water resistant and includes a mesh bag to store attachments.

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